About Us

Gilroy & Brookes have been providing accountancy and financial management services to individuals, small and medium sized companies, partnerships, charities, clubs and associations since 1938. We have offices in Farnham and Twickenham and our client base is distributed throughout the southeast and southwest.

Our Vision

Honesty, accuracy, trustworthy and confidence with stakeholders and towards clients, staff and tax authorities.

Our Mission

Helping you to achieve your personal and business financial goals and save you money in the process.

Our Objective

Logical or natural connection or consistency in common sense approach, crisp, sharp and to the point, well thought out objective and rationality.

Over half of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years and we believe that our continued success is due to providing them with:

  • Timely and professional advice - So successful have we been in tailoring advice to our clients individual needs and business objectives that many Clients regard us as part of their own management team.
  • High levels of personal service - At Gilroy & Brookes we get to know each client very well, and develop a good understanding of their business.
  • Accessibility - From the Directors down, the Gilroy & Brookes team has a well-deserved reputation for its open and friendly approach.
  • Continuity - We enjoy a very high level of loyalty from our staff, which ensures continuity of involvement, understanding and service for our clients.
  • Cost-effective service -  We provide a high quality, professional service at a competitive price.


  • Firstly, we spend time understanding your requirements in-depth. We can provide the whole process – bookkeeping to monthly management accounts to year end functions. This provides best value to client as one step leads to the other. Management accounts puts a check on bookkeeping and year end accounts become a mere formality.
  • Strategic Analysis included. Gilroy brings experience gained in larger corporations to assist smaller companies.
  • We follow the procedure below to ensure you receive maximum benefit.

Working to benefit you

Like any successful partnership, we invest quality time in fully understanding your business and its requirements.

We work with all sizes of business, which enables us to deliver an in-depth and process-driven strategic analysis of your needs. This informs each of the processes that follow, including a business analysis, which companies rarely receive.

You’ll benefit from the most modern and powerful software

Our cloud-based systems can integrate all of your processes, providing an all-round operating environment:

Gilroy and Brookes Cloud Accounting