Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations are increasingly burdened with regulations and business issues.

At Gilroy & Brookes we aim to provide you with an independent, efficient and specialised service, which focuses on providing practical and positive input to the success of its development not just the recording and reporting of financial matters.

The key features of our approach are:

  • Taking time to develop a real understanding of your business
  • Regular communication with your management
  • Provision of a cost-effective service

We can ensure compliance with your Association’s rules and regulations by assisting in the preparation of management accounts and annual accounts.  If an audit is required we can undertake this as a Registered Auditor or we can advise on legal secretarial matters.

If you are responsible for the financial affairs and smooth running of a club or association and you feel you could benefit from some expert advice, please get in touch with Anna Coote on 01252 320446