Would you like to become part of the Gilroy & Brookes group?

We are always keen to speak to other accounting firms for merger and acquisitions.

If you're considering selling your business or seeking additional support to take it to the next level, there are many benefits to becoming part of an acquisition:

  • Flexible wind-down options with the opportunity for incumbent partners or directors to retain a minority equity.
  • Flexible and convenient model for acquisition and vendor payment.
  • Extensive preliminary discussions to ensure consolidation of senior management and solid restructuring towards a viable succession plan.
  • Retention of senior client-facing staff, location and brand name to minimise client attrition, and improved utilisation of existing staff.
  • Increase in EBITDA and added value for all shareholders within acquired practices via the shared services onshore/offshore delivery model.
  • Stronger client relationships and loyalty by providing complementary services at no added cost (e.g. management accounts preparation).
  • Partners freed up to focus more on client meetings and business development and less time tending to accounts and management functions.
  • Investment in business through centralised business development function, including consolidated IT systems and accounting software.

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